Women and Walking

Women excel at building relationships, at looking after others and at talking, among many other things of course.

We know that looking after ourselves is important but somehow making the time for pampering, for exercise, for doing what lights us up and nourishes us just doesn’t happen. There is always so much to be done to meet the needs of others but what about our needs?

Walking is a great way to get your exercise, to explore new areas, to make new friends and to put the world to rights ….and women are naturals at it. Even if they don’t know each other, put a group of women together and the discussion flows. Sometimes the chat is frivolous and lighthearted, full of laughter and innuendo and then the next moment deep and serious, allowing women to get things off their chest. Walking allows all of that.

Perhaps it has something to do with it being easier to open up to a stranger who has little knowledge of you and your background or perhaps it’s the fact that when you’re walking you don’t need to keep eye contact, in fact on many occasions you need to watch where you are putting your feet instead.

For me the mix of walking and talking is where the magic happens. Walking in fresh air allows expansiveness, it stimulates our creativity, encourages ideas and makes decision making easier. All of these things adds value and benefit to our lives.

Listening to women talking about exercise and movement I would be aware that many weren’t into the gym, they didn’t want to swim because it meant redoing hair and makeup, running didn’t appeal but walking is something that can be integrated into their lives in a much easier way. It can be a vehicle getting you from A to B; you can walk with a pram or buggy or with your children on scooters; ‘errand’ walks mean that you can walk between shops, the post office and other things you need to do; you can incorporate a walk into time catching up with a friend or even having a meeting as part of work. For me walking is also my meditation, planning and ‘me’ time.

All that’s needed is a comfortable pair of trainers or flat shoes and you’re ready to go. A waterproof layer or even umbrella helps and this slim kit also means that when you travel you can take your exercise with you.

It’s a win:win and in the UK we have such a wealth of places to walk. Parks and green space in cities, along by rivers and canals, among rolling hills, moorland and large mountains. You can start small, step by step, 20-30 minutes at a time and build. What’s keeping you? Go explore and have fun, you’ll love it.


Heather Waring combines business coaching with walking. You can find out more on her website.



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