Wild Camping

Wild camping (not camping on an official campsite) is a great experience, and can be the basis of a fantastic family adventure. Not sure? Here are some tips to make your first trip an enjoyable adventure. Top 3 reasons for family wildcamping: New experiences – Walking in to somewhere and finding your ideal pitch, exploring… More Wild Camping

The Power of Chi Running

Chi is energy, a ‘life-force’. Chi Running is based on centuries-old movement principles from T’ai Chi which nurture and utilise energies and forces efficiently. It highlights the importance of alignment, relaxation and balance of mind and body. Chi Running teaches proper biomechanics, focusing on the body’s centre of gravity and whole-body integration. Combine with a… More The Power of Chi Running

Three Easy Ways to Get Creative Outdoors

When we go outside there is always such richness of experience at our disposal. At certain times of the year it can feel easier to get outside than at others though! It is currently spring in the UK and the clocks have gone forward, temperatures are warming up and there is an explosion of sounds… More Three Easy Ways to Get Creative Outdoors

Three Ways to Meditate Outdoors

The benefits of meditation and mindfulness are now widely accepted, however taking a meditation practice outside can both bring you closer to nature and make it easier to meditate. Here are three simple options 1. Look to the sky: meditations don’t have to take a long time. They can be as simple as taking a… More Three Ways to Meditate Outdoors

Gardening: A Foot in the Future

I think all of us like to make a mark on the world, however small. A footprint in the sand, a tidied kitchen, a facebook post – small and transient signs of ourselves and our existence. Some people make indelible marks on history, and others can make millions with a signature. There are days when,… More Gardening: A Foot in the Future

Yoga in Nature

As a child, I remember fondly taking a school trip to the heights of the English country side, walking the trails of Malham Cove in the Yorkshire Dales and being told to breathe in the “fresh air.” I recall how the word “fresh” somewhat confused me due to the lingering smell of manure which seemed… More Yoga in Nature

The Healthy Picnic

Eating outdoors in not something we Brits do an awful lot of. However, as the weather gets warmer tempting us to pack a picnic and head for the great British countryside so we might start thinking about what nutritious and delicious foods we can pack that will be enjoyed by the whole family. Picnic foods… More The Healthy Picnic

Top 7 Ways To Use the Countryside As Your Playground

Today’s kids spend too much time indoors, either watching TV or playing with their electronic devices. They’re not getting enough exercise, and they’re not learning how to spend quiet, contemplative moments in nature. So if you’re looking for ways to get your kids out into nature more often, here are seven ways to use the… More Top 7 Ways To Use the Countryside As Your Playground

Women and Walking

Women excel at building relationships, at looking after others and at talking, among many other things of course. We know that looking after ourselves is important but somehow making the time for pampering, for exercise, for doing what lights us up and nourishes us just doesn’t happen. There is always so much to be done… More Women and Walking

Move to Live

We live in a time where our lifestyle has become very sedentary, a term often associated with older people and couch potatoes. However, even those of us who are considered fit and active, hardly move at all and I mean in all the ways a human body is capable. Furniture and technology keeps us still… More Move to Live