What do they look like? The only poisonous snake in Britain is the adder. It is recognisable by the black, zig-zag stripes along its entire back and its red eyes with a vertical slit. Why are they dangerous? About 100 people in Britain get bitten by adders each year. The last time someone died was… More Adders

Hairy caterpillars (Oak processionary moth)

What do they look like? These caterpillars walk up and down trees in nose-to-tail processions. If you find them, or spot one of their white silken nests, report it to the Forestry Commission or to your local council. The caterpillars of the oak processionary moth are classified as a public health hazard and the authorities destroy… More Hairy caterpillars (Oak processionary moth)


What do they look like? Ticks are arachnids (related to spiders). They have eight legs, and look like spiders with unusually large bodies. Ticks have four stages in their lifecycle. Tick bites aren’t painful and in many cases they are not itchy either, so you will be unlikely to realise you have been bitten by… More Ticks