Support our awareness campaign is a collaboration between two non-profit organisations.

Caudwell LymeCo registered charity no. 1169342 and Lyme Disease UK non-profit volunteer organisation both work to help vistims of tick-borne diseases in the UK and to raise awareness of the dangers of tick bites among the general population. 


Please offer your support, however large or small, to help us expand our important awareness-raising work. We spend money on information leaflets, educational events, campaigning for better care for Lyme disease patients, and saving up to donate for Lyme disease research.

Follow this link to donate via MyDonate, which allows us to claim back your income tax and receive 25% extra on top of the amount you donate to us (this is optional, you will be asked your preference):

To find out more about how we spend donated money, visit either or


If you are able to offer your time to help us with our work as a volunteer, we would be very happy to hear from you via our Contact page. 

Share your story

Have you had a close encounter with one of Britain’s Dirty Dozen Dangers? Would you be willing to tell your story to help prevent other people from suffering too? We would love to hear from you via our Contact page.