Move to Live

We live in a time where our lifestyle has become very sedentary, a term often associated with older people and couch potatoes. However, even those of us who are considered fit and active, hardly move at all and I mean in all the ways a human body is capable. Furniture and technology keeps us still for hours and hours every day. Shoes and flat and level surfaces limit our movement. An hour of exercise 3 times a week cannot make up for the rest of the time we are virtually still. We do it without thinking about it and haven’t considered the consequences of an under-moved body. We spend less and less time outdoors and more and more time plugged in.

I work with people to help them identify the parts within their body that have become stuck or unyielding. We work on alignment to help mobilise and stabilise these areas, to build strength and create a more functional body. Once you become aware of how you move and where you don’t, you have the power to change your physical outcomes.

I want my clients to be able to carry out their daily tasks without pain and to be able to move with ease for as long as they live. I encourage them to think outside the exercise box and beyond our classes. We consider their shoes, homes and work places and figure out ways to incorporate more movement into their day. We need to walk more, to go outside, and to move in different ways, to challenge our bodies in new or forgotten ways which actually can be done simply and without taking up more of our time. For the sake of our health, we need to begin to see our environment with new eyes and take notice of what keeping us still.

Noticing is the first step to making a change. Take frequent movement breaks, preferably outside. If it’s not possible to do so even looking out of the window can have benefit.
The following can help you to get more movement into your day: 
  • Each time you need to use your phone or device, stand up, or better still take calls outside.
  • Schedule walking meetings. Maybe they don’t always have to take place inside around a desk.
  • Instead of meeting a frriend for a coffee. Meet for a walk and take a coffee out.
  • Walking book clubs

Move to live.

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  • Michelle Muldoon is a Movement Educator and Restorative Exercise Specialist. She is passionate about teaching people to understand how their environment is shaping them and helping them to find their weak spots so that they can have more functional bodies. Michelle holds regular classes in and teaches privately. She can be found on her website.

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